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Our Experience for your Success – We support you in brand-building:
Defining Your Brand
Differentiating and Positioning Your Brand
Building and Exposing your Brand
Personalizing your Brand
Reviewing Your Brand

Defining Your Brand

This is a very critical step as it ultimately determines what your brand truly stands for. When defining your business brand, you should create a checklist of its core strengths.

Differentiating and Positioning Your Brand

Before embarking on brand building, you have to take time to differentiate it so that you can attract attention and stand out from competitors. To differentiate your brand, you have to create a unique advantage in the mind of consumers..

Building and Exposing your Brand

Building a unique and powerful personal or business brand takes time and consistency. To build your personal brand, you have to keep reinforcing your values and skills by taking up new roles and assignments that will give you more exposure.

Personalizing your Brand

If you want your brand building campaign or brand to be successful, then you have to personalize it. It is important to give your brand an identity. Let consumers see and experience the personality of your brand in its entirety.

Reviewing Your Brand

Your brand is not static; it will go through a range of motions in its lifetime. Depending on your brand strategies, your brand will either grow in strength, or remain dormant, or recede with time. In the brand cycle, new events, changes, and circumstances bring challenges and opportunities to enhance the value of your brand or re-establish it.

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Longtime experience in fashion, luxury goods and beauty business in the European and Japanese market.


Broad network of experts and decision-maker in Europe and Japan.


Our leadership and organization are designed to facilitate high-impact small teams.


Native-languages: German and Japanese. Business fluent English speaking.

Our Practice Areas

Our practice areas cover a broad range of business and individual services.



Feasibility Study

Social Networking


Market Analysis

Photo Producer and Executive Producer

Translation Management


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