Photo Producer and Executive Producer

We enable and supervising the making of commercial entertainment products. There are two main areas we work in: photo, and film.

We will be responsible for managing the productions of all photo shoots for all the photographerson the agency roster from inception to completion. Negotiating all production aspects. Communication support between Photo Agents, Artists, and Client to ensure that allparties are communicating clearly, production needs are met, and artists vision isproperly executed, all while achieving the clients objectives. Create job estimates, advances, call sheets, production materials, and final billing. Manage shoot budgets, communication, and schedules (including post). Negotiate and book crew, location/studio, equipment, catering, travel, etc., as applicable to the specific project.

We are responsible to the customer for making a film that is completed on time and on budget. We work with the producer(s), the production company. We will also find, or assist in finding, the director, the cinematographer, the lead actors and a production team.

We develop a detailed production plan and budget, figure out a shooting schedule, and determine the various locations the movie will be shot at. During production,we will keep the film on track, both creatively and financially, and make suggestions to the director.

We also help create the concept, the characters and the format of the film, participate in story and script meetings, approve all the story lines, hire the director and the cast, select the production team, and make sure the budget and schedule are kept in line.

We are the liaison between the network and the technical and creative staff.

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